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2012. Haima prepares a new budget car.

The Chinese company Haima, which supplies sedan and hatchback Haima 3 to Russia, may
bring in the future to the domestic market a minicar Aishang.

The new compact five-door hatchback Haima Aishang will be presented to the public at the
Beijing Auto Show next month, but thanks to the efforts of photojournalists today motorists have
the opportunity to examine the results of designers work.

The car has rather small dimensions:
overall length of the Haima Aishang is 3662 mm, width – 1540 mm, height – 1518 mm;
wheelbase of the model is 2332 mm. The compact urban hatchback will go on the market before
the end of the year with a 4-cylinder petrol engine, available in two variants of capacity.

The basic version of the model will get a 1.0-liter engine with a power of 61 hp and 85 Nm, and the
top-end version of the machine will have an installed 75-hp engine with a torque of 96 Nm.
On the Chinese market a cost of novelty Haima will range from $ 5 to $ 9 thousand.
It should be reminded that this year the automaker from the Middle Kingdom will start
implementing a restyled model Haima 3 on Russian market, as well as cars Haima 2 and Haima

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