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2012 Mercedes-Benz will release an electric version of the model B-class

The German company intends to equip the latest generation of the compact van, Mercedes-Benz B-class with the ecologically clean power unit.

Executive vice president of sales and marketing, Joachim Schmidt announced plans Mercedes-Benz on production of electric version of the model B-class. According to him, the new version of the compact van is intended only for the North American market, where in many states, there are strict environmental standards.
Schmidt did not disclose the Technical characteristics of the machine. The western MEDIA put forward the assumption, that the model will receive the electric motor, similar to the one that is mounted on the show-square B-class E-CELL PLUS. The concept car is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 136 hp., which feeds a lithium-ion battery. The help engine with zero exhaust sent 3-cylinder petrol unit, which develops 68 hp. Exclusively on electric exhibition instance of B-class E-CELL PLUS can drive 100 km, the maximum margin of the car is equal to 600 km.
Joachim Schmidt in an interview with Automotive News has promised, that Mercedes-Benz will present the second generation of hatchback A class to the end of the current year. The top-manager noted that the German company is developing a new crossover, which will appear at dealers in the course of the next three years. According to preliminary data, “parquet layer” will be a direct competitor to the BMW X6.

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