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2012. Universal Chevrolet Cruze is ready for the premiere

Sedan Chevrolet Cruze is fully prepared for the world premiere at the 82nd international motor show in Geneva, which will be opened in the beginning of next month.

The increased volume of the Luggage compartment, the choice of powerful and economical engines, as well as the most modern integrated infotainment system Chevrolet MyLink are the main advantages of the novelty.
The length of the car in the back of the wagon is 675 mm, which is slightly more than in the options hatchback (4510 mm), and sedan (4597 mm). The volume of the cargo space varies from 500 litres when loaded to the level of a line of glass back door, up to 1,500 litres when loaded to the roof level with folded rear seats.

It is expected, that wagon Chevrolet Cruze will appear on sale in Europe in the summer of the current year.

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