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2012, Volkswagen E-Bugster Debuted In America

Volkswagen Beetle shows a model with an electric passing in Detroit North American International Auto Show on these days.

The car, which had received the name of the E-Bugster, was created in order to prove: the double speedster Beetle with extremely circumscribed proportions and engine capacity of 85kW can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 10.9 seconds at full absence of exhaust gases.
The central power unit of the concept of E-Bugster is characterized by innovative design and weighs only 80 kg. Energy to power the electric motor is stored in compact lithium-ion batteries, which are placed behind the front seats.
Battery capacity of 28.3 kWh is enough for at least 180 km of city driving. The new system of charging Volkswagen allows you to charge the battery at a special station for electric vehicles in 35 minutes. In home conditions of the battery E-Bugster recharged from the mains with a voltage of 120 V to America (or 230 V for Europe). The interface of charging cable is under the conventional “fuel cap” next to the rear rack.
Thanks to the new power supply system E-Bugster can be charged via the interface using any available method of charging:

  • Single-phase charging from the AC
  • Ultra-fast charging from network of a direct current at the stations for electric cars.

There is no information yet about the possibility of serial production of Volkswagen E-Bugster.

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