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2013. Chevrolet Spark EV – new details and photos

The company Chevrolet has published new information on the compact car Spark EV.

It is reported that the model is based on the proven its reliability Chevrolet electric motor and
programs to improve the rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. Spark EV model will go on
sale in the summer of 2013 and will cost $ 25,000.

In addition to the previously announced markets, including California and South Korea, Spark
EV will be sold by dealers in Oregon, in Canada and in Europe.
Inside the Spark EV key information is presented clearly and intuitively at one of two
reconfigurable 7-inch color LCD-screen high-definition, here are displayed indicators of power
reserve, which are calculated on the basis of data on driving style and other factors.
Among other things, Spark EV will allow car enthusiasts to stay on a music wave with the
exclusive audio system MyLink radio from Chevrolet, which is part of the basic equipment.
MyLink system also includes the ability to connect the smartphone to the infotainment system
and includes applications such as full-fledged navigation system BringGo, global internet radio
TuneIn, as well as Pandora and Stitcher. If the car owner uses iPhone (4S or later version), to
manage all of these functions, you can use a special system of Siri from Apple.
Chevrolet Spark EV is driven by an electric motor and a high-tech drive system with storage

It consists of the developed in-line GM drive mechanism and the motor, which which together
provide power 130 hp (110 kW) and 542 Nm of torque for instant acceleration. It is expected
that the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of more than 20 kWh will provide the best power
reserve without charging.

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