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2014 Audi Q9 – official information

According to German press, the leadership of Audi wants to produce a large off-road coupe, which would make competition a popular BMW X6. As will be called the new model is not yet clear. Many assume that it will receive the name of Q6. But most likely the Germans will choose the more “prestigious figure”, because off-road coupe will be more expensive Q7. That is, the car will be called or Q8, or, more likely, Q9.

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At the heart of Audi Q9 will be the same platform on which to build Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. And on suspension tuning machine will be as close as it is to Cayenne. When the car will go on sale has not yet been reported. Most likely, it will not happen until 2014. But until then Audi will show us a few very interesting innovations. Among them a large four-door coupe, which will be named A9.

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