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2014. Volkswagen is preparing to release a new four-door coupe.

The new model will be built on a platform of next-generation Volkswagen Golf, and will get
probably the name of Golf CC. Supposedly the German company will present a novelty in 2014.

The founder of four-door coupe class was the Mercedes-Benz CLS. For today BMW, Audi, and
Volkswagen have similar models in a product line. The main difference of Golf CC is in the
fact that it will be the first car of such class in the segment “C”. Specifically, this model, which
is built on a modular platform MQB, will be the most expensive one in the range of golf and
will have powerful engines under the hood. It is expected that the Volkswagen Golf CC will
differ from other versions of the Golf not only a stylish appearance, but also rich equipment.
Depending on the configuration the machine will get climate control, infotainment system with
touch screen, premium class audio system and Internet access point.

We recall that the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf will be presented at an exhibition in
Paris in late September. In addition to traditional internal combustion engines the car will get a
hybrid power plant and an electric motor. Sports version of the Golf with nameplates GTI will be
equipped with 260-horsepower 2.0-liter unit. First Volkswagen Golf in the back “hatchback” will
appear on the market, then convertible and compact van will debut.

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