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2015 VW Passat SUV and Coupe

2015 volkswagen passat suv

The new generation Volkswagen Passat, which will be launched in 2013-2014, will produce a very wide range of bodies. In addition to the usual sedan, wagon and four-door coupe SS to appear and new models. According to the German magazine AutoBild, on the platform of the new Passat will make a big two-door coupe and convertible. The last two models will be available no earlier than 2015.

2015 volkswagen passat coupe

On the platform of the new Volkswagen Passat will make not only the SS four-door coupe, but the two-door coupe. But until then Volkswagen may start production of off-road version … Passat. And it is not just a little wagon with increased ground clearance and full-fledged crossover! It takes an intermediate position between the compact Tiguan and expensive Touareg.

The main advantage of the new model, besides the large ground clearance and all wheel drive, spacious cabin will be (this is not enough Tiguan). But while such a model, buyers will not have to pay more for the all-wheel drive transmission.

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