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2011 Renault DeZir Concept

Renault DeZir Concept

In autumn 2010, on the motor show in Paris, Renault will provide sports coupe Renault DeZir Concept. The first photos of new items have appeared on the Internet.

Beautiful electric trolley different rises doors, wide wheel arches, 21-inch wheels and a narrow LED optics.

Double car is equipped with 150-horsepower electric motor and a set of lithium-ion battery, charged by a household electrical outlet.

According to Western media, a compartment DeZir Concept should be the prototype of the new serial sports car company Renault, which production could start as early as next year.

2011 Renault DeZir Concept

Renault DeZir sport coupe

Renault DeZir 2011

Abdullah presented the first Arabian car – Gazal1


Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah presented the production version of the Gazal1 SUV, who became the first Arabian car.

The car designed by students at King Saud University in conjunction with engineers of Mercedes-Benz. Concept SUV was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show this year. This car, like the Toyota FJ Cruiser with an engine Mercedes G500.

first Arabian car

Gazal1 suv

king arabian truck

Jaguar is preparing a new supercar

Management Tata recently told that they owned Jaguar brand in the coming years will present several new models: F-Type Roadster, a new generation of X-Type, wagon-based XF. Jaguar engineers have already begun to establish a new supercar, which will be faster, more powerful and more expensive than the current XK coupe.

new jaguar supercar
The new car does not yet have names. However, we already know that it will receive a light aluminum body, and under the hood of cars will be 5.0-liter supercharged V8, which will issue the order of 550-600 hp Thanks to the power unit and a light body of the car must accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds.

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