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2013. New pictures of the updated sedan KIA Cadenza.

The Korean company KIA has published new photos of the restyled sedan Cadenza, which will
be sold in some markets under the designation K7.
The car has modified air intakes in the front bumper, air vents in the wings and an upgraded
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2012. Haima prepares a new budget car.

The Chinese company Haima, which supplies sedan and hatchback Haima 3 to Russia, may
bring in the future to the domestic market a minicar Aishang.

The new compact five-door hatchback Haima Aishang will be presented to the public at the
Beijing Auto Show next month, but thanks to the efforts of photojournalists today motorists have
the opportunity to examine the results of designers work.

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April, 2012. Toyota will show the new sedan in New York.

Toyota will introduce a new model at the motor show in New York in April this year.

Experts believe that the Japanese will show the next generation sedan Avalon on the public.

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