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2014 DC Design Supercar – first photo

The Indian company DC Design has published on its website the first image teaser of his supercar concept, which will be launched into production in late 2013. The premiere will take place on a prototype at the Motor Show in New Delhi that will open on January 5.

DC Design Supercar concept

Information on this car so far is not enough. According to preliminary data, the new mid-engine layout, and will receive a six-cylinder turbocharged engine Honda, which develops 400 horsepower. Weight will be 1560 kg supercar.

In DC Design hopes in the first year of production to collect 300 such machines, and then increase output to 3,000 copies a year. The cost of a supercar is about three million rupees (about 43.5 thousand euros).

2012 Faralli & Mazzanti (F&M) Evantra Supercar

A small Italian company Faralli & Mazzanti (F&M) declassified a supercar called Evantra, which evolved from the project Mugello, whose teasers were published in early December this year.

2012 FM Evantra Supercar

Overall length of the new items is 4325 mm, width – 1955 mm, height – 1225 mm and the wheelbase is 2550 millimeters. Coupe F & M Evantra received steel chassis and six-cylinder boxer gasoline engine of 3.5 liters, which will be available in two versions – the atmospheric and two turbines. In the first case, return the unit will be 403 horsepower, while the second – 603 horsepower. Acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour at the most powerful modification takes 3.7 seconds.

Faralli Mazzanti Evantra supercar

The company specified that the buyer can choose the supercar is one of two options for the body: made of composite materials (in this case, the weight of the car will not exceed 1,200 kilograms) or hand-crafted from aluminum.

The company management has already approved the release of this car – Evantra production will begin in the middle of next year, with annual production line will come off only five such cars.

As previously reported, the company assembling the new Italian supercar will be located in the municipality of Pontedera, governed by the administrative center of Pisa. Manufacture of machinery will atelier Mazzanti Automobili, the company unit F & M.

Note that this division has appeared only in 2010. Before this, all development Faralli & Mazzanti, engaged in the restoration of vintage cars, designed and assembled by yourself. But because of the heavy workload of orders, it was decided to create two separate studios. One will only restore vehicles, and the second – build your own model F & M.

Mazzanti Automobili Mugello – all new Italian supercar

The new project of the Mazzanti Automobilicompany called Mugello – in honor of the famous race track owned by Ferrari and host several major racing series. This Italian company stand out from the restoration of Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli and development and production of piece supercars. An earlier draft of the company called Antas and was introduced in 2006.

2012 Mazzanti Mugello

The new car, unlike the previous one, get rid of the retro-motives in the design and will look aggressive and modern. In the image of F & M Mugello attract the attention of the mirror with legs fixed to the front wings in the style of Pagani supercars, an abundance of air intakes and ventilation slits all over the body, aggressive LED optics and “shotgun” exhaust system on the center of the “poop”.

Mazzanti Automobili Mugello supercar

Technical details about center motor supercar is not reported, but for sure the car will be much more powerful than the previous coupe Antas, which put 310 hp 4.7 liter V8, which was established on the basis of the engine Maserati. Total company Mazzanti Automobili can manually collect no more than 5 cars a year. The price has not yet announced, but it will be accessible unlikely.

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