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2008 Rucker Vandal

2008 Rucker Vandal

American Rucker Performance to present a new bike – Rucker Vandal 2008 model year.

New Rucker Vandal offered with two engines, a powerful and voluminous another – 2033 and 2377

new Rucker Vandal

Rucker Performance positions itself as a company that builds a caste-tales not for the rich and famous, but for ordinary people, enthusiastic motorcycles. The company is the leader segment of motorcycles, known as the American Muscle Chopper. In her line of products – tales of four series: Assassin, Gauntlet, Predator and Vandal. The headquarters company is located in the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

Rucker Vandal 2008

2009 Yamaha V-Max

2009 Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha officially introduced the V-Max model in 2009.

The new bike can boast entirely new 4 – 4-stroke – valve 4 – V4 engine cylinder volume of 1679 This power unit gives the maximum power of 147.2 kW (200 hp) – at 9 000 revolutions per minute.

Maximum torque – 166.8 Nm at 6 500 rpm. The new engine – a 40% increase in volume of his predecessor, who led the movement in the previous version of V-Max.

Bore – 90 mm, the progress of the piston – 66 mm. Compression ratio – 11.3 to 1. Electrical, 5 speed gearbox. Filled weight V-Max in 2009 – 310 kg. Buck – 15 litres. Bike equipped with a hydraulic ABS to prevent wheel lock with intensive braking.

The front suspension – telescopic forks diameter of 52 mm. Rear – pendulum. Progress suspension – ahead of 120 mm and 110 mm at the rear. Tyres – 120/70 R18 front and 200/50 R18 at the rear.

The dimensions (length, width, height) – 2395 h820h1190mm. The height of the seats – 775 mm. Wheelbase – 1700 mm. Clearance – 140 mm.

Price, which will be sold 2009 V-Max has not yet been announced.

2008 Ducati 1098 Superbike

Ducati 1098 Superbike
2008 Ducati 1098 Superbike

2008 Ducati 1098 Superbike built in accordance with all the rules of World Super Bike (WSB), or allegedly, of course, some changes, but all within the allowable time limit championship. Engine virtually the same as the serial version, it only increased the volume of 200 cubic meters. In the past year, see for Ducati Superbike done much more special engine.
Changes in motor also touched upon the piston rod, and raspredvala reducer. Throttle valve made only 50 mm in diameter.

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