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Next 2013 Citroen C5. First glance

A new generation of Citroen C5 will be presented, probably in autumn 2012 at the Paris Motor Show.

2013 Citroen C5

Moreover, as the publication asserts AutoBild, design of the new C5 will be placed in the “revolutionary style” – the French will decide to experiment with the appearance of C5, which should become one of the best sedans in its class.

Of course, the main “chip” C5 is a proprietary hydro-pneumatic suspension – a Citroen do not hurry to give it up. And specifically for the C5 hydropneumatic be seriously upgraded, which will optionally make a C5 real “car driver”, where you can enjoy mountain serpentine.

In addition to conventional gasoline and diesel engines will be installed on the C5 and the hybrid engine that combines diesel engine and electric motor (total capacity of 200 hp).

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