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Protoscar LAMPO2 Electric car

Protoscar company in March 2010 Geneva, will bring the electric version car called LAMPO2.

Engineers managed to reduce the mass of electric cars and improved aerodynamics. There will be several modes of concept battery charging, and one of them requires only 10 min. Then LAMPO2 can travel 100 kilometers. Concept Car Protoscar LAMPO2 be equipped with solar panels, which will be located on the roof, and two electric motors. Their power is 354 hp

When fully charged, Protoscar LAMPO2 will travel 200 km and acceleration to 100 km / h takes just 5 seconds.

Kandi Coco – electric car for 865 dollars

kandi coco

After the Indians got the cheapest car in the world Tata Nano, was lucky to U.S. citizens who live in Oklahoma. Only here you can buy electric Kandi Coco for 865 dollars.

In fact, Kandi Coco worth 10 599 dollars, but the federal government pays extra for the acquisition of electric 4 435 dollars. More pay staff – 5 299 dollars. Price valid until the end of the year. Among the “disadvantages” of the electric Kandi Coco: lower maximum speed – 40 km / h, very compact size (less than the Smart fortwo), and the stigma of “Made in China”.

Tazzari Zero – italian electric car

tazzari zero

At the Bologna Motor Show, the Tazzari company will present  serial electric own car – Tazzari Zero. The machine is equipped with a 20-horsepower electric motor, and has a rear-wheel drive.

Powerplant Tazzari Zero is powered by 24 lithium batteries, providing a double car cruising range to 140 kilometers. Maximum speed of the machine is 90 kilometers per hour.

Full battery charging takes from 6 to 9 hours.

When such a car will go on sale, representatives Tazzari not yet specify. Estimated cost – no more than 20 thousand euros.

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