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Ginetta Gonetta G40 Supercar

ginetta g40 supercar

British company Ginetta presented at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham (United Kingdom), the new supercar Gonetta G40.

This two-seater, weighing 850 kg, equipped with 1.8-liter Zetec engine from the Ford. Ginetta plans to launch 26 cars, which cost in Great Britain – ? 24950 (approximately $ 40.7 thousand).

ginetta gonetta g40

Kepler Motion Supercar – only 50 copies

kepler motion car

Head of the company Kepler Motors introduced the first development in Dubai – Motion supercar.

Motion will be a new revolution in the history of the supercars. Kepler Motion is equipped with a carbon-fiber monocoque, active suspension, seven-sequential transmission.

Under the hood of Kepler Motion installed power plant capacity of 800 horsepower, which consists of a modified 3.5-liter biturbirovannoy “Six” EcoBoost production Ford, transmitting thrust to the rear axle, and the 250-strong motor, causing the front wheels.

The company plans to release only 50 copies of the Motion, with deliveries of the first cars will begin in 2011. The cost of new items is not reported.

kepler motion supercar

kepler motion

Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta – unique supercar

ferrari p540 superfast aperta

Ferrari has created a unique supercar P540 Superfast Aperta – in a single copy and on special request of the American millionaire Edward Wolson. Objective was to develop an automaker’s modern version of the “golden” Ferrari 250GT NART Spyder model in 1965, “played” in the film by Federico Fellini’s 40-year-old – “Toby Dammit”.

On the whole project took 14 months. In the engine compartment new items installed 6-liter 620-horsepower 12-cylinder engine, working together with 6-speed robotic gearbox F1 SuperFast.

ferrari unique supercar


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